G'day and welcome back, travellers.
We've missed you.

As Australia re-opens to the world, we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to TravelPal. While some things have remained the same - namely our diverse landscapes and climates, as well as our easy-going way of life - the way visitors like to travel has had a fresh new makeover. Innovation, ease, efficiency, connection and communication - these attributes have become essential to the process of travelling.

Turns out the planning stage can be just as much part of the anticipation, or experience, as actually being on the trip itself!

The Time For TravelPal is NOW

In the post-COVID era, there’s an incredible opportunity for regions to position themselves as premier destinations for Australians to visit. It’s about spreading the word and getting visitors to the area but also, once they are there; helping maximize the experience of the tourist and the value to the local communities. 

“Regional restaurants, pubs, hotels, wineries and small businesses will be at the forefront of our recovery.”
Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria

Statistically Speaking…

As of June 2022, 33% of Australians are now researching and actively planning their next holiday. That’s up 3% compared to last month. More Aussies are also positive about future domestic leisure trips, with 27% keen to travel domestically as soon as possible.* 


COVID barriers are falling

A decline in COVID-related barriers to travel means fewer people are afraid of contracting or spreading COVID. Concern about restrictions changing or impacting travel plans also continues to fall, as does concern about the potential costs and implications if the virus is contracted.* 


Whether your region is a mecca for foodies, nature lovers (or both), travellers want to experience our country in a fresh and innovative light with the engaging, intuitive features of TravelPal.