Frequently asked questions

TravelPal is an innovative new planning platform designed specifically to enhance the visitor experience, capture insightful analytics and increase visitation.

TravelPal is a multi-faceted, feature-rich, cross-device application that enables users to build an interactive itinerary from any device, and take their plan with them when on the go.

TravelPal was developed to help cities, regions and attractions reconnect with travellers after being apart for so long due to COVID. Its main objectives are to:

  • Improve the tourism experience.
  • Drive up visitor numbers.
  • Encourage more travel by local residents to venues and areas.
  • TravelPal enables visitors to plan their trips on their devices, having it at their fingertips while on the go.
  • Visitors can customise their itinerary with events, tours, attractions, cafes and restaurants.
  • Operators can promote curated experiences, predefined tours and recommended activities.
  • For visitors, it’s like having a local guide in their pocket.

No. The TravelPal widget bolts right onto your current website and offers a full web and mobile web experience for all. The widget is even branded so it looks like it was always meant to live on your site.

Depending on the current setup and quality of your venue/attraction information, your visitors could be using TravelPal within two months.

TravelPal is a responsive web widget and universal iOS and Android app. It bolts right onto your current website and offers a full web and mobile experience for all.

Visitors can download the TravelPal app from iTunes and Google Play.

Both push and location-based messaging is built into the platform via geofences and beacon-based messaging.

TravelPal connects to Google’s Routing API to generate users’ travel routes.

If a venue listing is taken off your site or the ATDW, it will automatically be removed from the app thanks to the synchronisation that runs hourly keeping everything up to date including new venues or changes to listin

This depends on the way information is currently stored on your website. With most common content management systems, we can integrate and pull the information directly so there’s no double handling required.

We can also integrate with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse so all venue information that exists for your town, area or region can be displayed and kept up to date.

Venues and attractions usually have up-to-date imagery that synchronises with TravelPal. However, if there are gaps, stock photography can be used.

Absolutely! The TravelPal infrastructure helps streamline the visit planning and information gathering process. It also helps visitors once they are there, letting you focus on major projects and events.

TravelPal is just like a travel guide in a visitor’s pocket, giving them the ability to link venues and activities together in their journey planner. When you add in features such as proximity messaging and augmented reality experiences, there really is no comparison!