Web, mobile, and optional kiosk interfaces provide multiple touch-points for your visitors to plan their trip. The TravelPal Australia SaaS Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing site to sync content updates and has an intuitive administrative user interface.

Take an in depth look at the application below.

Amazing Features

Simple Setup

Up and running within a month – no extra effort on your end except approvals on our work.

Fully Responsive

Scaling to fit every possible screen size, because your visitors are looking for your city from all kinds of devices.

Super Secure

Leveraging industry leading technology, security practices and highly scalable.

Iterative Routing

Planning a visit to your city has never been more convenient.

Auto Data Sync

Sync data sources with your app eliminating the need to manage them manually.

Built In Sharing

Visitors can invite friends and families to view their journeys.

Mapping Overlays

Walking & Hiking Routes leveraging KMZ file map overlays.

Connect Venues

Quickly connect your visitors with the phone numbers and booking links for venues.

Augmented Reality

Amazing image overlays with loads of potential for immersive visitor experiences.

Insightful Metrics

The analytics dashboard provides an aggregated view of your application's metrics.

Push Notifications

Let users of your application know of new events or content.

Proximity Messaging

Alert visitors that they are nearby a local attraction or welcome them as they arrive.

Play Video

Web Widget

Full Content Integration with your existing website including fully automated data synchronization. No added data management required!

Visitor Loads
Your Website

They Click
Widget Button

Interface Loads

Explore &
Plan Journey

Universal iOS & Android Apps

Venue Display

Detailed profiles for venues of all types including (but not limited to) hospitality, events, museums, accommodation etc.


Show your visitors what's on in your area during their stay.

Pre Built Tours

Organise different venues into ready made tours or itineraries to inspire your visitors.

Take Your Plan

Pre-Planning, In-Destination, & Post Visit Features