‘Plan Your Journey Today!’

61 Design, developers of TravelPal, are very proud to be part of the call to arms to reconnect travellers with Australia’s cities, regions and attractions after being apart for so long due to COVID.


Branded as ‘Visit Pyrenees,’ the TravelPal app we built is part of a campaign to help visitors plan the perfect holiday or weekend away in this charming region. This has been one of the most innovative projects we’ve ever been part of with hundreds of downloads across mobile and tablet devices. Whether you’re looking for vineyards and cellar doors, or unspoilt spots to pitch a tent and unpack the barbie…Get on it! We sure need a bit of an escape after 2020/21!

Advertise venues, regions and events.

Travel guide in your pocket with venue information and localised suggestions.


Our team not only designed and built the app but also assisted in the launch, marketing, social media, and print collateral shared by Visit Pyrenees all over Victoria. 


Some of the cool launch activities included:

  • Social media posts announcing the launch of the app
  • A social media contest for users that create an account in the app
  • A smart app banner that displayed every time a visitor went to Visit Pyrenees’ website on their mobile device, giving them one-click access to their store to download the app
  • A promo article with branded images that highlighted how visitors can use the web-widget app to plan their trip


Alana Burge, Tourism Officer at Pyrenees Shire Council, is excited about what the app is doing for the region.


“If you have a smartphone and are visiting the Pyrenees, the Visit Pyrenees App is an absolute must. It makes touring around the Pyrenees a breeze by giving you all the information you need at your fingertips.”


Push notifications are a great feature that allow people to discover other places of interest along their personalised itinerary. On top of getting directions to their destination, the app recommends a number of interesting venues along the way, encouraging visitation to more businesses.


“We have found the Visit Pyrenees App a great tool for visitors to plan their stay and move around the region”